Friday, January 6, 2012

Insta-Friday 12-24 to 1-6

Here is your peek into my last two weeks through the lense of the old (and by old, I mean new) iphone.
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This is the one picture I got of the monkey bread for our Christmas brunch.
It was during step number one before the bread rises over night.
Doesn't look good now, but it sure does taste good later.


Our luggage at the Greenville airport.


Just in case you ever wonder what a little guy looks like in a fat coat.

My favorite snow hat of the trip.
Little Bear

This is a close second.

The professional skier.

We were really excited about our hot coffee in super cold Asheville.

I made this delicious meal last night.
And as you can see we ate it on paper plates.
So why did this still happen?

It is truly a mystery.

While making the previous picture's dinner I whipped these babies out.
Pancakes are so easy to make and freeze.
I should really do it more often.

Could his profile be cuter?
I sure don't think so.

Why is it that when one has something the other must have it too?

This picture holds lettuce, lemons, strawberries, blackberries and a 5 lb. bag of potatoes.
Got it for 8 bucks.
I love our produce market.

We had an unplanned picnic at my mom's house today because she wasn't home when we got there.
Good thing my dad had the foreknowledge to put benches on the front porch.

Happy Weekend!


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  1. Those winter hats are adorable! Love the colorful pom-poms. :)

    I always freeze waffles, but I guess I never thought about pancakes too. Thanks for the great idea!