Monday, May 28, 2012

19 weeks

Here is the ol' belly at 19 weeks and 4 days.
(I know you love the toilet in the picture).
It looks way bigger in person (my belly, not the toilet).
I will be 20 weeks on Thursday, so basically halfway there.
This pregnancy has been pretty similar to my first two.
I feel pretty sick for the first trimester, and then it slowly fades until week 19 or 20.
I am not one of those women who wake up on week 14 and feel like a new person.
No such luck here.
But I am also not one of those poor women who throw up constantly and have to go on medicine to keep food down.
I count my blessings in that regard, completely.
Otherwise, I feel pretty standard pregnant.
I am tired (still taking naps almost daily when my kids lay down), feet have started to swell a little bit when I am on them for long periods of time, gaining typical amounts of weight, and eating a ton at every meal.
We found out about a week ago that we are having a girl, which seems so much wilder after two boys.
I know there is a 50/50 chance each time, but it just wasn't in my range of thinking at this point.
We are very excited, and I am loving looking on the girls' side of clothing stores:)
I also love the thought of this girl with two amazing older brothers to watch over her and protect her.
George already talks to her and says good morning to her everyday.
It is so sweet to watch a relationship grow even before she is born.
I do have to have a second ultrasound in two weeks because our baby girl has her cord wrapped around her neck.
I guess they want to keep an eye on it, although my doctor doesn't seem too worried.
Both my boys had their cord wrapped when they were delivered, but it posed no problems whatsoever.
That is pretty much the update.
I want to have a little bit of a record on here of this pregnancy.
I always think I will remember things, but somehow that never works the way I intended.
And I know I would have loved to read what my mom was thinking and feeling while she was pregnant with me.
I hope Lexi girl feels the same way.

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  1. Lou you look amazing! So excited for you guys!!