Friday, May 18, 2012

What's In A Name?

Have you ever given much thought to your name? 
Why did my parents give me that name? What were they thinking? 
Personally, I feel that names are extremely important. 
My parents named me after two men in the Bible. 
Timothy means, "honoring God" while Paul means "humble." 
I hope that I can be a reflection of my  name, however my wife might argue that I need to work on being humble. 
My wife's name is Louise Athina which means "wise warrior"...hmm, how fitting? 
We named our first son George Matthew which means "hard working gift of God." 
Our second son is Ethan Timothy which means, "honoring God with strength."
 If you have spent any time with our boys, you will know that their personalities (to a certain extent) are a reflection of their names. 
I'm not sure if there is any scientific or psychological evidence of any of this, but I think it's interesting. 
My wife explains it this way, "Every time I look at Ethan, he is so 'Ethan', and the same goes for George, he is so 'George'.

"The Bible says in Psalm 139:15 that we are all "intricately woven." 
I love that word, "intricately." 
It means we have interrelated parts. 
I love knowing that God designed all of me to be "interrelated." 
All of me fits ONLY me! 
I have to believe that our names were part of God's great design. 
They seem to match who we are, or what we strive to become. 
Yesterday we found out we are having a girl. Her name is Alexandra Katherine Bettelli.
She will go by "Lexi." 
Her name means "defender of purity."  

I can't wait to see what  "Lexi" looks like, feels like, and acts like. 

"Hi Dad"... (she waved at me for the first time)
I can't wait to see how God intricately designed my little girl. 
& Tim


  1. This is precious! Make sure you keep it for her wedding day. :)