Monday, May 14, 2012

Fashion Show?


Every year at George's preschool they put on a fashion show for their Mother's Day program.
Normally I wouldn't let my son participate in something like this, but it really isn't a fashion show.
 Each student comes out on stage wearing their parents clothes. Then the moderator begins to read an
 interview that she did earlier in the week with the student. In the interview, George explains "his
 perspective" of daddy's job. Now, I thought this was a Mother's Day event. Well, it is, but all the
boys dress up like their dads and all the girls dress up like their moms.

  After the "fashion show," the students all sang Mother's Day songs.

However, I'm not sure what "Down By the Bay" has to do with Mother's Day.
"Have you ever seen a fly, wearing a tie, down by the bay."

Nouna, Meema, and Mommy all loved George's program. Great Job George!

Even Ethan was enjoying the program while eating some white cheddar popcorn.

After the program, we all went back to the fellowship hall for some food. George gave
 Mommy some very special Mother's Day artwork he did in class.

"George, you did an excellent job in your program. Keep up the good work son. I love you."
& Tim

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