Tuesday, May 15, 2012


My in-laws were in town last weekend for Mother's Day.
(We had a wonderful day, btw.)
At one point during the weekend we got into a short discussion about how parenting is pretty much defined by sacrifice.
It wasn't a very in-depth convo, but I have been revisiting it on multiple occasions the last few days.
Parenting is truly all about sacrifice.
We sacrifice our time, our money, our sanity, our career, our body, our everything.
A day doesn't go by where I am not thinking of ways to give my children more.
I want them to know that their mama would absolutely give her life without second thought for them.
They are that loved.
They are that cherished.
And maybe that is why I have felt closer to Jesus since becoming a parent.
He made the ultimate sacrifice for me.
Before I was a mom that seemed unimaginable on every level.
My selfish self couldn't imagine why anyone would give up anything that monumental for anyone else.
Now I get it.
I am still totally undeserving, but so are my kids.
They are cute and sweet (most of the time), but they are still undeserving of all my sacrifice.
I do it because I love them.  Period.
I love them more than anything, and it is truly a joy to sacrifice my desires for theirs.

What a comforting thought to know that Jesus feels about me the way I feel about my kids.
He loves me.  Period.
I don't have to earn it or keep it . . . I just get it because I am his kid.
I am His.
I love that concept, and I am so thankful that He allows me this picture on a daily basis with my own family.
How beautiful?


  1. LOVE THIS POST and pregnancy is being kind to you! :)

    1. Thanks, Girl:) I have been out of commission for some time, but if you still want to swap stories by way of "guest" appearances on each other's blog I am up for it now. Let me know.