Friday, May 4, 2012

Disney..."Old Hat"

Hey all you blogger people out there, I’m back with another post. Hopefully after a few of these I will get the hang of talking with you all.
So if you don’t already know, my son is an avid Disney Fan. It’s pretty much my fault. I’m not really sure how it happened except for the fact that we have literally taken him there between ten and twenty times and he is only five years old. I think this was Ethan’s third time there.
Needless to say, we had a blast!
George told us that instead of a party this year, he just wanted to go to Disney World with his cousins. Well, if you saw my facebook page you’d know that we went to the bounce house too. We threw that in thanks to a little thing called “the groupon.”
So…back to Disney…At this point, going to Disney World is “old hat.” I am definitely bragging when I say this, but it’s absolutely true…we are PRO’S when it comes to Disney.
We know where all the characters are, the best times of the year to visit, and the best restaurants to hit while we’re there.
If you all were smart, you wouldn’t go to Disney without having a consult with us first.
Anyway, George just hit the 45 inch mark this April which meant he got to go on the BIG BOY rides. We almost went on Expedition Everest, but George said he wasn’t quite ready for that one.  He did go on Splash Mountain for the first time, to be followed by the second and third…that’s right people, my 5 yr old son went down that crazy drop 3 times the first time he was tall enough to go.

All I have to say is FEARLESS…he must get that from his dad.
Check out the rest of the pics below, and don’t forget to consult the Bettelli family before you go to Disney World.

& Tim

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