Thursday, May 24, 2012

Personal Assistant

Sometimes I really envy my kids.
We drove home from Fort Lauderdale on Monday, and here is how Ethan spent most of the trip.
Just as relaxed as could be.
Leg spread across his seat.
Sleepy look on his face.
He had his own personal assistant (me) for the 6 hour trip (that should have only taken 4 hours).
He whined for food, and it was delivered immediately.
He asked for his "baba" to drink, and within seconds it was in his hands.
He got tired, so his assistant put his car seat in the recline position for a nap.
He just used his diaper whenever the need arose, knowing eventually his assistant would change it out for a new, clean, dry one.
He watched movies on his own personal DVD player.
He removed his shoes on countless occasions, only to say "shoes" a million times until his assistant put them back on.
He dumped an entire drink on his lap because he knew his assistant would clean it up.
This is the life.
Too bad he doesn't even realize how good he has it.
I will make sure to tell him to read this post on many occasions.
I want him to know that his "personal assistant" will be quitting in a few short years, and he needs to hire someone new or learn how to get by on his own.
I mean, seriously, I deserve a raise:)

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