Wednesday, October 3, 2012

31 days of change

I don't want to have to start this post with "It's been a while," but . . .
I still read certain blogs almost daily even when I am not writing, and I came across a really great idea over at The Nesting Place the other day.
She is hosting a "linky" party where bloggers pick a topic to write about for the next 31 days of October (well, now it is actually 29 days because I am late to the party, but whatev).
I have been wanting to write more on all we have going on, but it is so overwhelming to try to express it all in one post.
Not to mention the fact that no one would ever be able to get through it because it would be so long.
All this to say . . . I have decided to dedicate the month of October to change.
I am going to try (very, very hard) to blog everyday.
I want these posts to piece together all that is going on in our lives, what we are learning, and how I am feeling.
I really want documentation of this insane time in our lives because I know (KNOW, KNOW, KNOW) God is teaching us so much, but sometimes I just don't have a way to actually process it.
I want to process it.
What better way than writing it out to have for all time.
So . . . bear with me as I share our life with you the best way I know how throughout the month of October (all 29 days that are left of it).

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