Thursday, October 18, 2012

Girl Pictures

When we had the boys we bought the pictures they take in the hospital and called it a day.
Those were their professional newborn pictures.
We took a million and one of them with our own camera, so we never saw a need to do anymore professional ones until they were older.
But . . . along came Lexi.
First of all, the photographer who did hers in the hospital was terrible.
She got four pictures total, and they stunk.
So we decided to look into other options.
My sister has a very good friend from college who has a photography business.
She was in our sorority and goes to our current church, so she is a friend of mine also.
She was kind enough to fit us in this week and even bring her "stuff" to our house to do them there.
It was a total God-send.
She was wonderful, and the pictures are perfect. 
Here are just a few to show off her work.

I know she has her name in the corner of all the pictures . . but if you are local and need some pictures, check out Ashley Posusta Photogaphy.
She is amazing.
And so is my baby.


  1. Beautiful! Such interesting poses. The black and white ones are my favorites.