Friday, October 5, 2012

Beat Clemson

As of 36 weeks pregnant my doctor said no more traveling.
Ethan and I had been in Fort Myers with Tim and George for the three weeks preceding that, so we came home to stay until Lexi would be born.
But . . . that very same weekend was the FSU vs. Clemson game in Tallahassee, and my brother's best friend said he could get me into the President's box.
So I went.
36 weeks pregnant and all.
And we all made it back in one piece (although my dad probably asked me 300 times if I felt ok . . . I think he was nervous my water would break in his nice car).
The game was AWESOME!
But to say I didn't enjoy the food spread almost as much would be a lie.
They had so many delicious choices, and since I am eating for two and all that, I got to be a total pig without anyone questioning my sanity.
Win, win.
My brother and his wife live in Tallahassee while he is in law school, so while Peter and my dad used the season tickets in the stands, Whitney came with me to sit in the box.
Yes, she is lovely and skinny.
And yes, my belly protrudes right into hers.
And then there is John, Peter's BFF and the angel who got us in.
He was my year book editor when I was the advisor way back in my days of teaching high school.
He is such an awesome guy.
Even more awesome now that he allowed me this special treat and last hurrah before baby number 3 comes into our lives.
Thanks, John.
And "GO NOLES!!!!"

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