Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Daddy

I don't usually get too serious on here.
I don't really like to complain or be negative because I don't want to go back and read that.
And I am sure no one else likes to read it either.
But . . . I am really sad.
Tonight Tim and George will go back to Fort Myers and leave me with Ethan and Lexi.
I am anxious.
I am scared.
I am lonely already.
My parents live pretty close, but it just isn't the same as having Tim here to help.
He is quite the daddy.
The last two nights when Lexi wouldn't sleep . . . he got up and took care of her between nursing sessions so I could rest.
That is my love language. . . sleep.
Not only will I miss his babysitting skills, but I will miss just being with him.
He is truly my best friend.
After 7 years of marriage my love for him has only grown.
He shows me unconditional love in ways that I seriously never knew existed.
And this being without him stuff stinks.
In a big way.
Our family is the most important thing on this earth to both of us, and having to be apart for an undefined amount of time is so hard.
I know God is in control and has a plan for all this.
I know that.
But the process has been really trying.
Again . . . I don't want to complain because I know things could be worse.
A lot worse.
And I am so thankful to have a husband like the one I do.
I just wish I could see his cute face more often.


  1. Ok...that picture is adorable!! You are allowed to feel sad. It stinks! Hopefully you can all live in the same town soon. Thinking of you guys!!

    1. Thanks, Katie. You are such a faithful reader:). Hope all is going well in your world!!!