Sunday, November 20, 2011

Salting Roses, Chapers 22-25

Only one more week for our book, Salting Roses.
Here was my take on chapters 22-25.
Cons –
1.  I go back and forth with Katherine. She seems tough, which is a positive, but I don’t like the way she bullied Alice into getting what she wanted. I also hated the way she communicated her opinion on children. That was completely heartless and so far from the way I feel. Children are a blessing, and there is nothing in my life I am more proud of.
2.  I wish Ben would have gone to the tea with Katherine. That would have been classic, and probably one of my most favorite conversations in the book.
3.  I come from a family of lawyers, so it always irks me a little bit when people down them. The description of the lawyer in chapter 25 was pretty standard in my opinion, but it is not always correct. Authors should not act like it is.

4.  Artie dies. The worst part is that Gracie never got to take him to the game she sold her special glove for. That is terrible, right there.

5.  Arresting Ben for kidnapping? Say what, Lillian? That lady has a mean streak in her, and she will take it out on anyone or anything to get what she wants. She is not my favorite character. Not even close.

Pros –
1.  I really enjoyed Ben and Alice’s heart-to-heart in chapter 22. We don’t really see much interaction between the two throughout the novel, but this was a good picture of their relationship. They do have an intimacy that time has brought, and they both seem to enjoy it in small doses.

2.  I do enjoy the plot that Alice and Katherine have decided to carry out. “Operation Get Gracie and Sam Together” is officially underway. If only they knew Sam closed the deal that very night.

3.  I really like the fact that the plot has really deepened in these chapters. Lillian’s character has brought quite a few things to light that are enjoyable for the reader to decipher.
4.  Sam and Gracie did it. Yes, it. While I am in no way an advocate of sex before marriage, I did enjoy their final expression of their feelings for each other. The scene was a bit intense for my taste, but at least they enjoyed themselves. And the reader knew it.

5.  Gracie’s story to the lawyer about the birds in Shady Grove was classic. Classic Gracie. I think she hit the nail on the head. I hate when people think they are better than other people because of what they do or what they have. That does not make a person. We all need to learn that.
Well, what did you think? 
We are ending the book this week, and I can definitely say I am enjoying the last half a lot more than I enjoyed the first.

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