Friday, November 4, 2011

Our Week In Review

Linking up again this week for "Insta-Friday."
life rearranged
To say it has been busy would be the understatment of the year.
Here we go . . . a look into our week through the lense of my phone.

Last weekend we went to Miami to watch my brother compete in a mock trial competiton.  It is like the epitomy of nerd olympics.  His team got second place.  Such a proud moment.

This is what our trip home from Miami looked like.  A van full of kids, grandparents, and dogs.  Wish you were there, right?

Monday was Halloween.  George was Luigi.  Notice the stellar mustache.

I got the privilege of being one of the room moms for George's preschool Halloween party.  This was the scary treat he made. Oreo spiders.  Clever, eh?

And here is Luigi's second half.  I know you want to know how I did such a good job getting that perfect mustache on him.  I can't let you in on all my secrets.

Oh, look how cute.  The baby is trying to get candy out of his bucket.  Not so cute when he gets an entire butterfinger open on his own and is eating it, paper and all.  This is the child who completely undresses himself, so I should have known.

We had an extra special treat this year.  The cousins from Vero came over for George's surgery, so we got to spend Halloween together.  They were all dressed as Transformers.

I already did a post here with pictures from George' surgery, but I thought this one was worth repeating.  Such a picture of God's grace.  What could have been such a terrible day turned into this.  Smiley kid riding on Daddy's shoulders.

This is Ethan helping George eat dinner . . . you know, since George's throat hurt and all.  Ethan felt sorry for his brother, so he climbed into his chair and ate the food for him.

That is where we are at this week. I hope we get a little break next week, but that doesn't ever seem to happen around here.


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