Friday, November 4, 2011

The Results Are In . . .

Long process . . . but the results are finally in.
The cyst was just that . . . a benign cyst.  No suspicious legions or cells.  Great news, praise God!
The process of getting the results on the other hand was not so great.
The doctor told us on Tuesday after the surgery that we would get the biopsy results on Thursday.
I called his office on Thursday afternoon and there were no results.
I called again today, and they said the results had just come in.  The doctor had already left for the day, so they could not tell me anything until he read the report.
Are you kidding me?  The nurse went on to say they would call me first thing Monday morning.
I would have had to wait almost an entire week to get these incredibly sensitive results. 
That is torture for a mother.
Anyways, I can't reveal my ways . . . but I did get the results today:)
And the results were good.  That is all that really matters.  I once again have a healthy 4 year old.  There is nothing that puts things into perspective like a health scare.  Especially one that involves your kids.
Thanks again for the prayers.  We are so appreciative and don't take one for granted.

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