Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I'm blank because . . .

Got this cute idea from Little Miss Momma.
I'm weird because . . .
I can never, ever eat or drink anything with an expired date.
I love change, like I thrive on it.
I enjoy school, always have.
I hate washing dishes, but I never use my dishwasher.
I hate feeding my kids unhealthy food, but it doesn't bother me one bit to put it in my own mouth.
I stress about my kids naps.
I am not a newborn fan . . . at about 4 months I get into it (it being babies).
I have an extremely hard time getting rid of clothes, because what if I need that dress I had in eighth grade for something, ya know?
My favorite food is cookie cake, but it has to be American Cookie Company.
I don't like to snuggle if I am trying to go to sleep.
I'm a bad friend because . . .
I hardly ever answer my phone.
I have little to no time to devote to friendship at this point in my life.
I am becoming more of a homebody as we add kids to our brood.
I am incredibly forgetful and absent-minded.
I am a good friend because . . .
I love a lot.
I am genuinely happy when my friends succeed.
I am loyal.
I love throwing wedding and baby showers.
I don't mind if you call me in the middle of the night (can't promise I'll answer, but I don't mind the call).
I am sad because . . .
My grandma and namesake won't be a part of our holidays this year.
My sister-in-law's dog was hit by a car today and died.  The family is taking it hard.
Sometimes I feel like I can't do anything right.
I don't have time to make all my good ideas come to fruition.
Some people won't get a Christmas this year.
I am happy because . . .
Thanksgiving is Thursday, and we are hosting.
God has blessed our family with so much more than we deserve.
I love my boys so much it hurts.
We have food on our table.
I have already started Christmas shopping.
I am excited for . . .
Both sides of our family to be together in one place for four days.
Black Friday Extravaganza.
Cooler weather, whenever it decides to get here.
Change, whenever it comes.
George in his first Kids' Christmas program at church this year.
Two fried turkeys.
Cool idea, right?

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