Sunday, November 13, 2011

Salting Roses - Chapters 19 to 21

Time for the next installment of our online book club.  This week we read chapters 19-21 of Salting Roses.

I didn't like these chapters as much as the last few, but I still understand the point of them.  They were kind of a climb to what I suspect is the climax of the story.


1.  Artie is still dying.  Slowly.  I hate watching.

2.  Alice has a serious attitude problem.  I understand her hating Gracie's mom, but the way she just took to Clare to spite Gracie is absolutely ridiculous.

3.  I guess "yankees" don't know how to call first.  Basically, everyone who is anyone in this book just showed up in Gracie's town unannounced.  Not very classy if you ask me.

4.  Absolutely no intimate moments between Sam and Gracie.  Darn it.  I began to look forward to those.  


1.  Love that we are getting all these peeks into the Hammond women.  So fun to watch all their different personalities collide.

2.  Alice lied.  She is marrying a reverend, but her mama bear instincts came first.  Love that.

3.  All the chatter about Sam's backside.  It is hilarious that even Artie makes comments about it.  That Chantel lady is quite the gossip.

4.  Sweet picture of Conrad holding Gracie as a baby.  I love the emotions that everyone feels when they see it.  I have pictures like that of my own babies.  I am so glad they will have them even after I am gone.

Almost finished.  Chapters 22-25 next week.  I am adding an extra chapter, so we will finish the entire thing the following week.  Can't wait:)


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  1. Awe, I think I like Clare Hammond. She seems like a southern belle at heart, with a good sense of style! I hope they do not turn her in to a brat in the next chapters.

    I agree that Alice's behavior is a little annoying, and uncharacteristic. There's enough drama in the book without making Alice seem selfish or crazy.

    Artie's sickness is really sad, and I do feel a little sorry for Gracie. It seems like her world is falling apart around her and she only has money to save her. That has to be so depressing. I am assuming that her white knight, Sam, will whisk her away in these next chapters. Looking forward to it!

    Love ya, Lou - see you next weekend!