Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Surgery Update

Well, it is noon and all over. 
Ya, it was short and sweet, which is just what we were going for.
We had to be at the hospital at 6:45 am, and we were home by 11.
George did great, and the surgery went well.
The doctor said it was indeed a cyst, but he was not too worried about it after looking at the inside.  He does have to biopsy it, and we will get the results by Thursday.  He did say not to lose sleep over it, though, so I feel pretty good.
Here are our pictures from the day:
Cuddles before surgery.
First after surgery popsicle.


And this is how we left the hospital.  Bettelli style.

I am still sticking to my belief that God is in control . . . good or bad.  If our news would have been different, which it is in many other cases, He would still be in control.  Still on His throne.  Still faithful and good.
Thanks for the prayers.  Keep praying for the recovery.


  1. Yay, answer to prayers! I hope George is enjoying all the popsicles and pampering. :)