Tuesday, September 20, 2011


This is my sister-in-law, Kim, with her cute family:

She is Tim's sister and was one of the bridesmaids in my wedding. One of the presents I gave each of my bridesmaids was a poem I wrote just for them. I wanted to post her poem in honor of her birthday yesterday. I will add a few thoughts at the end.

Dear Kim,
Well, I have known you for the shortest amount of time out of all my bridesmaids, but you are the closest one to my soon-to-be husband, so that gives you a special place in my heart. I hope you know how excited I am to be marrying your brother and becoming part of your family. I look forward to many more times spent together. I hope you enjoy this poem written just for you . . .

I met you in Vero for the first time,
You were pregnant and in your prime.
I was glad to have the chance to talk,
We got along pretty well, I thought.

You were there at our engagement in Disney,
So were Goofy, Mickey and Minnie.
Thank you so much for all you did that day,
You helped to make it special in every way.

Tim worked all summer and stayed with you,
I was sad he was gone, oh boohoo.
For letting me stay at your house whenever,
I will be grateful forever and ever.

I loved the shower you threw me down south,
Melting Pot is a great place to stuff your mouth.
You did such a great job with the decorations and games,
I was surprised you kept it so tame.

Your brother loves you lots and lots,
All he knows about women, you taught.
Thank you for all the knowledge you gave,
Without it he would want me only to be his slave.

You have two babies and cute they are,
Good thing you have a big mommy car.
Come and visit us a lot, please,
I want them to know and love Aunt Louise.

No matter what happens I know we will be,
Joined together as family.
I know we will never share the same blood,
But your bother is what has made us buds.

It means a lot to Tim and I,
That you are here to support and cry.
Thank you for helping in so many ways,
We will love you all of our days.

I still feel this way about Kim, but our relationship has really grown over the past almost six years. She has become a true friend to me, not just a sister-in-law. We have a lot in common, and I feel like I can really count on her if I need something. She is such a blessing in my life.

I love you, Kim and can't wait to celebrate your special day with you!

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