Sunday, September 18, 2011

Salting Roses - Week 1

So . . .
I started salting Roses this week. I only read the first chapter because that is what I said I would do. I think I may up it to two chapters a week, though, because the chapters are shorter than I first thought.

My thoughts:
1. It seems pretty cheesy so far. It was very typical and not terribly grabbing thus far. That may be premature after only one chapter, but usually great books have my attention from the first page . . . just keeping it real.
2. I do like the country charm I am sensing so far.
3. I also like the dysfunction of the family Gracie is a part of. They seem like they have a lot of character and dysfunction which always makes for entertainment in a book.

What did you think? Anyone?

I will be reading chapters 2 & 3 this week, so stick with me. Hopefully it will get better and better:)


  1. Yay for virtual book club! I am so excited about this - thanks, Lou! I agree with your point #1. The first chapter was not exactly a page-turner, but I enjoy the imagery of the South and how roads are named things like "Peachtree." Reminds me of Atlanta. My only complaint is that I cannot connect with the written Southern accent. I sort of feel like this SoCal author is trying to mimic the Southeast, or maybe identify with the "deep South." I can confirm that they are not the same! Maybe it will seem more natural as the book progresses.... looking forward to meeting Conrad Hammond.

  2. Thanks, Laurie. You are my first reader:) I hope more join in, but it will be fun regardless. Love you!