Sunday, September 4, 2011

One Thousand Gifts - Chapter 10

As we wind down on this book, I want to reiterate the fact that I have really bought into this idea of giving thanks for every blessing. That is the way to have true joy. I believe this is the one thing Ann would want us to take away from her book.

If you missed my reflections on all the previous chapters, go on over to the side bar and click on "books" or "faith." I have done a reflection on each chapter that I would love for you to read.

I am thinking about doing some sort of book study on Sundays from here on out. If anyone wants to join me I would love it! They won't always be Christian books. I love fiction too, so we can read anything and everything. I believe I have two more chapters in this book, and then I will pick a new one that you can read along side me. Doesn't that sound like fun?

Ok. Now on to Chapter 10. I really liked this chapter. It was all about passing on the blessing to others. She talked a lot about the way Jesus (even in his toughest times) always blessed others. The night before he was crucified He washed His disciples' feet. He was going through so much, but He chose to bless them instead of thinking of Himself. I want that outlook.

On page 193, she has two quotes that really stuck out to me. "That thanks-giving might literally become thanks-living." I love that concept. I want my life to reflect thanks at all times. She goes on to say, "My heart can enter into communion anywhere and anywhere my hands can enact the Eucharist." I can be giving thanks in any situation, and my hands can be acting on that thanks in any situation. What a concept? A concept I totally want to adopt in my own life.

Again, this idea of pouring out blessings on others is not a new one. Jesus was our model. We need to be like Him. I want to bless others. I know it always makes me more thankful.

The list goes on . . .
81. Labor Day - no work for daddy
82. First day of school for the big boy
83. Swimming play date
84. A baby who doesn't cry when dunked underwater
85. Grandparents who love to keep kids overnight:)
86. Reading a good book
87. The library
88. A husband who helps around the house
89. A husband who looks good in a suit
90. Waking up to a back rub

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