Thursday, September 1, 2011

Vintage - Inspiration Workshop

This is week #6 for me in the Inspiration Workshop sponsored by "Gussy Sews." I am enjoying the prompts each week, and this week was no exception.

This week's prompt was vintage. I thought about this word for a while before I got my inspiration. I finally remembered some perfect vintage pictures I have of my maternal grandmother.

Isn't she perfectly vintage?

She recently passed away, and it has been extremely hard on our family.

Her name was Louise, and I was named after her. We always had that special connection. Everyone always commented on how much we were alike. It is so funny the way that worked out. We were both outgoing people who loved to talk and talk and talk.

She was absolutely hilarious and loved by all who knew her.

She embodied beauty until the day she died. She always cared about what she looked like, no matter how old she got. It gave me so much inspiration to watch her put on make-up and do her hair.

She was such a great grandmother, and I dedicate this vintage post to her. Vintage is so popular right now, and I think she embodied everything people love about that word. She was beautiful, fun, her own person, brave, and proud.

Here's to you, grandma! You are surely missed!


  1. aw, what a lovely tribute! I stopped by from Gussy's. :)

  2. Your grandma was beautiful! I love that she was funny too. So sorry she's not with you anymore, but I think she would have loved to have seen your post today :)

  3. Love those old vintage photographs! :) So good to remember loved ones.

  4. Sweet post! Over from Gussy, and now a follower :) What drew me in was your verse from Phil as your title. Probably my fav verse! Looking forward to reading your blog, and your perspective on life the God gave us.

  5. Your grandmother was lovely.
    What a wonderful post!
    Have a fabulous weekend!
    Shelly xo
    p.s. stopping by from miss Gussy's and a new fan!