Friday, September 23, 2011

Blogging vs. Grad School

Well, you might think that my biggest challenge between blogging and grad school would be time. As in . . . I am having trouble blogging because I have so much work to do for school. If that was your first thought I am sorry to say you are wrong. I actually haven't run into that problem yet. It may happen in the future.

My problem right now is the art of writing.

Blogging has sort of become its own genre of writing. Short, quick sentences flow onto the page. Paragraphs are made up of one to two sentences. Most people center their entire posts. We "put" quotations "around" things that "shouldn't" have them. No one follows common grammar rules because it. is. so. much. more. fun. to. break. the. rules.

You get the picture.

This week I had to write my first actual paper for graduate school. It was a decently long paper on my "philosophy of leadership." So I wrote it. And I thought it was pretty good if I do say so myself.

I asked my husband to read it. At the time I think my motivation was to get someone to tell me what a good job I had done and boost my ego even more.

I got quite the rude awakening. He basically told me it stunk (in so many words). I was a little huffy at first, but being the scholar that he is I decided to listen to his criticism and maybe make a few minor changes. He proceeded to write out an entire outline and tell me to follow it as I rewrote the paper.

Say what?

Again, he is quite the scholar, so I did it. Then I asked him to read it again and pat me on the back like I expected the first time. His exact words were, "This is a good start."

Um, a 6.5 page "start?"

Now, mind you, I am the English teacher in the family, so at this point I was getting a little miffed (to put it mildly).

We proceeded to have a conversation and came to the conclusion that the culprit for my "not so swell" beginning was blogging. I have become the person who spits it out with no boundaries or thought as to the "rules and regulations."

This is not looking good for my graduate degree. Basically every single class I will take majors heavily on writing some sort of research paper or two or three or four.

Blogging, you may be ruining my career as a principal. Good thing I am a stay at home mom.

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