Monday, July 18, 2011

Big George

Forgot to give a shout out to my pops on his birthday. He turned "old" on July 15th. This is for him.

Big George (Little George would be my son who is named after him),

You are such a wonderful father and grandfather. We feel so blessed to have you in those roles that no one else could fill but you. We know so many people who have no respect for their fathers, and I am so proud to say that I could never put you in that category. You have given so much of yourself to your family, and I hope my kids can say the same about me. You gave of your time even with an extremely busy schedule. I will always remember you standing outside at whatever sporting event I was involved in with a video camera in hand. You would be in a full-on suit in the blazing heat but never seem to care. You were just so proud to watch and cheer me on.

I love you, daddy, and I will always cheer you on,

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