Friday, July 22, 2011

The Right Stuff

I wanted to take this opportunity to explain why I will be "out of the office" (as in out of my stay-at-home mommy duties) for the evening. My most wonderful friend, Nicole, bought me tickets to the NKOTBSB concert for my birthday. Yes, my birthday is in February, so I have been waiting for this day for 170 (or so, not that I counted or anything) days.

We are heading to Orlando TONIGHT for the big event!! I am so stoked (you like how I threw in some 80's lingo for the event??).

It is difficult to get away to say the least, even for the afternoon/evening. I have so many things to do before we leave like pack up all the kids' stuff to take over to my mom's because she will have them from around 2 to 8. Then Tim will get them and bathe them and put them to bed.

I really wanted to stay over night to get even more hours "off the job," but poor Ethan needs me (well, one part of me, anyway). He will be going to bed for the first time in his almost 11 month life without nursing tonight. I feel kind of bad, but then I think about the almost 11 months that I have literally been attached. I think one night will be ok, but one night and one morning might throw him over the edge.

Anyways, hope you all have a wonderful evening, and expect a full report on the insanity when I get back.

BTW: If you don't know what NKOTBSB stands for - #1: You need to get out more. #2: You can click on the link because I know you are dying to know what my obsession is all about. #3: You probably don't know what BTW means either, but I am going to leave that one a mystery for now. I can only enlighten you so much with each post. If I keep alive some mystery, it keeps you coming back for more:)

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