Sunday, July 10, 2011

Brothers & Sisters

Have you ever seen the show?? If not then you should. It really is a good show about family. They aren't the "ideal" family by any means, but they are realistic. All the children are full-grown adults, which makes things more interesting. They each have their own stories, but they are all intertwined at the same time. I have only watched the first ten episodes (because they are on Netflix, and I can watch them at anytime during the day or night). I have really enjoyed them, and it has made me want to have a big family even more. I love the interacting they do with both each other and their parents.

Don't get me wrong . . . I don't want to "be" them. I think that is tacky, anyway, wanting to be someone on television. I know tv is tv, but it is just cool to see a show where all five brothers and sisters are close and have inside jokes that no one else could ever understand. I am one of three children, and we definitely have those jokes. We will laugh at inappropriate times together, and everyone else thinks we are crazy. I like it that way. I hope my kids do the same thing. I hope (dare I say it) they can make fun of their parents with each other. Siblings have such a special relationship, and no one can ever duplicate or replace it. I am hyper-aware of that after watching this show. Lesson learned, Brothers and Sisters, lesson learned.

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