Saturday, July 23, 2011

Listen Up Everybody If You Wanna Take a Chance . . .

This is my NKOTBSB recap (with pictures). My hope is that if you never have the chance to make it to one of these absolutely incredible experiences, this post will give you a good taste of the deliciousness.

We started the night off with a pic of Nic and I in our NKOTB shirts that she found at Gap outlet. Yes, these boys have been around for 25 years, and yes, normal stores still carry clothing with their picture on it. If that doesn't make you a legit musician, I don't know what does.
Moving on . . . We drove to Orlando and ate dinner at Cheesecake Factory. We had quite a few interesting conversations with waiters about our choice in clothing. We weren't embarrassed, though, because we are so proud of our boys.

We finally got to the concert a few minutes late. We had a nice time enjoying Matthew Morrison's dance moves, while we anxiously awaited in introduction of our main men. They came on around 8:30, and we were hooked from the first moment on. The New Kids would sing a few songs, then take a break while Backstreet took the stage. It went like that for around two hours. Around 10:30 we got a BIG surprise - Boyz 2 Men performed 3 songs. Can you even believe it? Here are some of our emotions over the course of the concert:

It ended around 11:00pm with an excellent rendition of "Hangin Tough/Backstreet's Back" performed by the two groups together.

We had parked on the top floor of the parking garage, so it took a long while to get out. We also almost ran out of gas in the process, which is another story for another day. We finally got home around 2:30 am, and I will forever bask in the glory that was NKOTBSB (with a side of Matthew Morrison and Boyz 2 Men).

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