Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Back to life . . . (You fill in the rest)

I'm BAAAAACK. Like you care:)

Been a little while since I dabbled in this here world of blogging, but today is the day I decided to give it another try. My sis-in-law inspired me by helping me put a cute little background to the blog. I really like the looks, so now I just need to really like the content. That shouldn't be too hard since all the "content" I get throughout the day comes from a four year old and a ten month old. Both are boys, so not only are they small people, but they are man people.

I am expecting this to go in a direction of . . . funny mom stories (cause I know there aren't enough of those out there . . . although I seriously doubt any of them can hold a candle to my two handsome chilluns), recipes that I usually steal from other blogs, maybe some pics of my sa-weet outfits that I put together (that was sarcasm), a little theology/Jesus evidences in my life, and so much more (or less).

Hope you enjoy the ride as much as I do, while I try to be "anxious for nothing."

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