Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Day in the Life . . .

I decided to do a "day in the life" post, since some of my (5) readers don't live close by us and don't have kids. I am sure you wonder what stay at home moms do all day, and you may even be wondering what Louise, specifically, does with her time. I have come to answer all these deep quiestions for you today. You can thank me later.

This was our play by play for yesterday, Monday, July 18th.
6:50 am - We hear Ethan cry in the monitor, so Tim goes and gets him to bring him to me to nurse. I nurse him and hope he will go back to sleep (for Tim's sake), but it doesn't happen.
7:15 am - Ethan crawls all over us and all over our bed until we fear he will jump off, so Tim finally gets up with him and lets me sleep. Yes, he is very sweet to his grouchy not-morning-person wife.
Between the hours of 7:15 and 8:30 am I have no idea what goes on because I am in sweet slumber.
8:30am - I hear Ethan screaming because he likes to yell between bites of breakfast. He doesn't cry, just yells at the top of his lungs until you put another bite in his mouth.
8:45 am - George comes in my room to tell me he finished all his breakfast, and it only took him one hour today. That is quite the record, little dude.
8:50 am - Tim comes to kiss me awake (even though I am already awake) and tell me to get out of bed because he needs to go to the library and someone has to watch these crazy kids.
9:10 am - I finally get out of bed when I can't hear Ethan crawling around anymore because who knows what he is getting into.
10:00 am - I put Ethan down for his first nap. I let George play Wii for a while, and I put laundry in the washer . . . more specifically my sheets because Ethan puked on them while crawling around this morning.
10:30 am - I go in my room and read a chapter of One Thousand Gifts, while George comes in and out to give me the play-by-play of his game.
11:00 am - I put away last week's laundry that has piled up in my room.
11:15 am - I tell George his game time is up. We have our daily conversation of asking for more time, which is a no. He finally gives up and begins to play with some toys.
11:30 am - Get in a little computer time. I may or may not shove a peice of homeade banana bread in my mouth and call it breakfast.
11:35 am - Ethan wakes up, so I feed him lunch while he screams (yes, he does that at every meal).
Noon - I feed George his lunch. I forget to feed myself lunch.
12:45 pm - We are out the door for a Thrift Store/Publix run. Aunt Whitney is coming with us for moral support (thank God).
1:00 pm - Do some shopping at the thrift store. I find a few tin buckets - I have been wanting to make a "prayer pail" for our table, so I think I found just what I needed - score!
1:45 pm - Publix time. I put the kids in one of those racecar carts so they could sit next to each other. Ethan takes George smooshing him for about 15 minutes, and then I get to carry him the rest of the time. He did eat a cookie like a big boy taking bites, though, so that was pretty cute.
2:30 pm - Get home and unload the car. I was hoping Tim would be home for lunch, but I didn't get my wish. He walked in 5 minutes after we finished . . . typical.
3:15 pm - Laid both kids down for naps, and Whitney and I took off again for another grocery store called Aldi, while Tim was home eating lunch.
4:15 pm - We get home and unload once again. Fortunately, Tim was there to help this time. I saved the heavy stuff like watermelon and bottled water for this trip, so it all worked out:)
4:20 pm - I laid down with George because he couldn't sleep and needed cuddles to fall asleep. I probably dozed off for a few minutes too:)
5:15 pm - This began my long afternoon in the kitchen. It began with making homeade salsa in the food processor. If you have one you know that it isn't the easiest thing to use. It is very convenient, but it takes a while to get the hang of putting it together. Needless to say, that took a little while.
5:45 pm - Ethan wakes up hungry - surprise, surprise. I made him his dinner. I try to give him all finger foods for dinner because it is hard for me to spoon feed him while making our dinner at the same time. He sits in his seat at the table and watches me cook while yelling (he is doing the yelling, not me).
6:15 pm -Peeled and cut up carrots and celery for my brother.
6:20 pm - George gets up from his nap and wants a drink.
6:30 pm - Washed and chopped lettuce and tomato for our tacos that night.
6:45 pm - Began browning meat for taco night.
7:00 pm - Peter comes home from working out, so we chat in the kitchen.
7:30 pm - Dinner is on the table, but Tim isn't home from the library. We decide to eat anyway, because tonight is a very special night. The Bachelorette is on at 8, and that has somehow become a priority. I don't even like her, but I am just being honest here - I have been sucked in.
8:00 pm - Sit down to watch the Bachelorette without doing any of the dishes - big mistake that will catch me later.
8:15 pm - I use the commercial break to bring in the laundry. Fold while I watch. I am the queen of multi-tasking, can't you tell?
8:30 pm - Tim comes home. I give him a kiss. I also let him know that I am aware he is hungry, but the kids need to get in bed so could he please give them a bath before eating. Yes, I have been here all night, but I need to watch this important show. Thanks, babe:)
8:45 pm - I use this commercial break to nurse Ethan and put him to bed.
9:15 pm - I use this commercial break to tell George to go potty and brush his teeth because it is his bedtime.
9:30 pm - I kiss George goodnight from the couch, and his daddy cuddles him before bed.
10:00 pm - I beg Tim to clean off the table and do the dishes, but I think I have used up all his niceness today, unfortunately. I get off my bum, and spend the next hour cleaning the kitchen from the debacle of taco night (and maybe dinner the night before as well, who knows?)
11:00 pm - Sit down and write my blog post about my dad's birthday. It is only three days late. Hope he doesn't mind.
11:30 pm - Remember that I have to put the sheets back on my bed and cringe. Tim does help me with this, since we both sleep in it.
12:30 am - Finally get in bed, while Tim studies on the computer in our room.
1:00 am - Drifting off to sleep . . .
6:50 am - We hear Ethan crying in the monitor . . . you get the picture:)

Great job if you made it to the end . . . that was LONG!


  1. I cannot believe you go to bed at 1 am. That is nuts. Miss you! Are you still "working" Mon and Wed?

  2. Ya . . . still "working." We defintely need to get together soon!