Saturday, July 9, 2011

Is it always worth making a buck?

Just a thought . . .

If you were an author and your book ended up in the Dollar Tree how would you feel??? Some say who cares because you are still making money on it, but I fee like I may feel like I sunk to the bottom of the barrel. I bought a book there today that was originally $24.00. It had a tag on it from Borders that said, "Bargain price, $7.49." Then I bought it for $1.00 today. I would compare it to working really hard on something you thought you could sell for a fair price, and then having to give it away at Goodwill because no one wanted it. See it as you will, the Dollar Tree is not a high end book store, but again, selling is selling in this economy . . .

Again, just a thought:)

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