Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Favorites

Things I am LOVING right now . . .

1. Prayer Pail
Have you gone on "Pinterest" yet? If not, you need to. I recently saw a "pin" of a prayer pail. I loved the idea. You just put together a small pail with craft sticks inside. On each craft stick you write one prayer request. (We let George pick ours). Each night George picks out one stick, and he prays for the request with our dinner prayer. It is really sweet, and I am LOVING this new tradition.

2. Disney World
We used to take George to Disney World almost every month until he turned three. He was free until then, and we had Ethan around that time. It is definitely a lot harder to take two kids to a theme park, and we didn't really want to pay all that extra money. Needless to say we haven't been in a year (besides Mickey's Christmas Party in December). We are finally going this weekend to celebrate a few milestones. WE. ARE. SO. EXCITED. George is sleeping with the notebook I bought him for the characters to autograph.

3. An Almost Walking Baby (this is a love/hate relationship)
Little Ethan took 8 steps today. He used one leg for six of them and went in a circle, but they were steps all the same. I feel a little bad because I am not as eager for him to walk as I was George. I couldn't wait for George to walk because I was just so excited for each milestone. Now I realize how fast they grow, and I want time to slow down. I am not sure how many more babies I will have and each minute brings me closer to them growing up. I know it is inevitable, but I can't help but wish they could stay my babies forever:)

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