Tuesday, August 9, 2011

All About Lou

Good morning. I decided to give you a little more info about myself today. I was in the sharing mood.
A few years ago I participated in a chain post on facebook. You had to write 25 random facts about yourself. I am going to recycle that list on here. I changed a few things to fit the changes that have happened between the first time I wrote it and now. Enjoy getting to know me better. I am just so interesting . . . haha!

1. I have to start with this one – I LOVE (as in am totally obsessed with) the New Kids on the Block. I was never so close to a heart attack as when I was at their two concerts I have attended. Just ask Stephanie and Nicole – they were ready to call 9-1-1 at any moment while watching me.

2. I was born left handed, but my fraternal grandmother thought it meant I was going to be stupid. She would change the fork or pen into my right hand every time I picked it up in front of her. Now I am right handed, but can still write with my left hand better than the average right handed person. My mom is left handed.

3. I am an English/Language Arts teacher. I student taught in an eighth grade classroom, taught 9th and 10th graders for three years, took a year off to stay home with George, and then taught in a 7th grade classroom in St. Pete for two years. To be fair I took off when I had Ethan, and I am still at home now. I actually love my job. I also think I like middle school better than high school, which is weird according to what others have told me.

4. I graduated from Florida State University. I LOVE the Seminoles. My dad, sister and brother all went to Florida State University. I guess you would call it a family affair. My mom and husband feel left out sometimes.

5. I am married to a guy named Tim who is from Miami. We only dated 3 months before getting engaged, and then 6 more months before getting married. I hated him when we met and now I love him. It is amazing how God can change your heart!

6. My husband finished law school last May, and my dad is a lawyer. I happen to think it is a very reputable profession and not synonymous with “liar.” If you met them you would agree with me.

7. I have a son named George after my dad. He was born on St. George’s day in 2007. My maternal grandfather told me that would happen, but I didn’t believe him. My second son is names Ethan. He was born on August 24th, 2010. I really thought he would be born on the 23rd, so I could remember that day for both boys. I guess he wanted his own date. I get it.

8. Both my sons have light features, and I do not. I thought dark features were dominant, but my husband proved me wrong (twice).

9. I love presents. Getting/Giving them is my love language. I know it sounds very materialistic, but I can’t help it. When we had our premarital counseling, the pastor told me not to be ashamed, so I am telling all of the blogging world!

10. I do not like living in Florida, never have. The only problem with moving somewhere else is that my family wouldn’t be there. I have a hard time believing that I would make it anywhere without my family. We are abnormally (in a good way) close.

11. My favorite book of the Bible is Esther – I love knowing that God puts me in a place “for such a time as this.”

12. I used to hate my name. I am sure you have never heard of anyone under the age 80 having my name. Now I kind of like it because people always tell me that I fit it perfectly. When they think Louise – they think of me. Is that good or bad? The verdict is still out on that one . . . can you tell I am surrounded by lawyers?

13. I was named after my maternal grandmother who recently passed away. It is nice to know what I will be like when I am 82 years old. She was a little off color, but everyone loved her just the same.

14. I was a member of a sorority in college. I used to laugh when people would say “these are the girls that will be in my wedding” and then that became me. Those girls are still my best friends.

15. I wish my friends had kids, or that I had more friends with kids. (This is changing slowly but surely. I still have more kids than most of my good friends, but I will take what I can get.)

16. I want to have lots of kids, as long as they all come out as easy as George and Ethan did and act as outstanding as they do. Two for two seems like pretty good odds so far.

17. I have a husband who woke up every night our babies did just to hang out with me while I nursed them. That should give you some insight as to how wonderful he is. I don’t know many guys who would do that. He currently still gets up in the middle of the night if either of the kids need him.

18. I wish I could be granola (aka organic) with everything in my life.

19. I always said I hated to cook because I felt inadequate next to my magnificent mother. Since getting married I have started to love to cook. My husband and sons seem to like what I make, so I think I am well on my way to making my daughter feel the same way. A girl can hope.

20. I despised being pregnant – absolutely detested it!!! Knowing you are going to get fat is never fun. I also had wicked bad foot cramps that everyone else thought were funny.

21. I have an unhealthy love for reading. I will literally read anything and everything I can get my hands on. I would rather read than do almost anything else. I will even read dumb or bad things because I love to read that much.

22. I have seriously thought about homeschooling my kids after teaching in both the private Christian school sector and the public school system. (This has also changed somewhat. I will do anything and everything to help my kids get the best education they can, but right now we believe sending them to a solid private, Christian school is the best decision for our family.)

23. I leave loads of laundry in my dryer for days because I hate hanging up clothes in my closet. (This has definitely changed because I have to do so much laundry with these two boys that days don't go by between loads. I have to take one out to put one in, so clothes are rarely left in the dryer anymore.)

24. When I was in eighth grade I completely totaled my dad’s boat by being careless and letting it rise through the boathouse roof. He didn’t even punish me for it because I said I wanted to jump off the dock and swim away. I guess he thought I was remorseful enough.

25. My life isn’t perfect, but it is perfect!!!! (If you know what I mean . . . )

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