Thursday, August 25, 2011

My favorite color is . . .

This is week #5 for me participating in "Gussy Sews: Inspiration Workshop." I have really enjoyed these little prompts and creative writing exercises each week.

This week we needed to portray our favorite color through pictures and words. When I was young I used to always say my favorite color was purple.
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When I think back on it now, I am not sure that was true. I feel like that was one of my first experiences with peer pressure. Everyone had to have a favorite color, so I just picked one and stuck with it. In reality, I don't think I have ever had a favorite color.

I am a good decision maker. I make decisions quick. I also try to stay try to those decisions even when I come to a conclusion that they were wrong. I seem to have a small (maybe big) pride problem.

But this post was about colors, so moving on . . .
Right now in my life I like different colors for different things. My walls are sea green, and I adore them.
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My kitchen walls are yellow, and the cabinets are white. That is my absolute favorite combination in a kitchen. I could spend all day in that bright, happy room. Somedays I actually do spend all day in there with all the meals, snacks, drinks, and whatever else I have to put together for my family.
my house . . . mess and all:)

My favorite color to wear is turquoise. I absolutely love to wear it when I am super tan. It seems to accentuate the bronze in my skin.
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My favorite colors for bedding are classics. I love a good khaki or navy bedding. I like the crisp look of the classics in the bedrooms with brighter walls and pillows.
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All that being said, I obviously still have no favorite color, but I like it that way. I love being free to like different colors at different times and not feeling stuck in a go-to favorite. Maybe this makes me fickle, but I say it like it is. Take it or leave it . . . unless you are my husband, who is required to take it and like it:)

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