Sunday, August 28, 2011

One Thousand Gifts - Chapter 9

Almost to the end of this book . . . I am a little sad but ready at the same time. It is some deep stuff.

A lot of this chapter was about recognizing how much God wants us to have a childlike faith. On page 167 she says, "That all wonder and worship can only grow out of smallness." She is talking about the ways her small children see the world. Everything seems to be full of wonder. We should always feel that way about God. He is magnificent and wonderous. We need to feel small to understand how large he is. We would want to worship even more if we were continuously reminded of our size compared to his.

On page 175 Ann says, "God holds us in the untamed moments too." Can I get an amen? Not to sound like a southern preacher, but man, that hit home. What a confort to know that God is still holding me, even when I am going crazy. I tend to get crazy a lot, so I need this reminder to give thanks for His constant strength and security.

The List . . .
71. Spontaneous trip to see a best friend
72. Baby's shoes
73. Quiet time in the afternoon
74. A big car
75. Bright blue toe-nails
76. My hair straightener
77. Making it through my first week of graduate school
78. The promise of all I will learn
79. Friends who are pregnant
80. Kisses from my big boy

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