Thursday, August 18, 2011

From My Front Porch Looking In . . .

That's the view I love the most. From my front porch looking in.

This is week #4 for me participating in "Gussy Sews" Inspiration Workshop.
The prompt this week was porches.
We don't have a front porch, unfortunately. I would love to have one, but since we live in Florida, I don't see it happening. The houses where we live weren't built that way. There is always the possibility of building our dream house. You never know, right?

We do, however, have a back porch. It is actually one of the parts of our house where we did a lot of DIY work. When we bought our house the porch was in total shambles. It contained a non-working hot tub, and the floor was turf, as in the fake grass you see on athletic fields. Do you know why anyone would put that on a screened porch? Me either.

We decided to rip up the turf and tile the entire porch, but when the nasty came up there was an interesting, designed concrete underneath. It was a concrete floor, but it had been cut to have the "look" of tile. We really liked it but knew it would take a lot of work to refinish.

Tim borrowed a pressure washer from a friend and got it all clean. Then we bought a concrete stain in a terra cotta color. It took two coats, but it turned out gorgeous. We really love it.

We still need to redo the screen and organize the area a little better, but it is slowly becoming a space where I know we will spend many family gatherings. I am excited to enjoy our little outdoor space and absorb all the natural surroundings it provides. I see it becoming a very happy place for the Bettelli family.