Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Favorites 8/18

This will be the "Friday Favorites: Awkward Edition."

1. Favorite Style of the week:
I got this image from Pinterest after searching under the title, "style." Seriously? Is this for real? I can appreciate style that is "out of the ordinary" as much as the next person, but this is taking it too far in my humble opinion.

2. Favorite awkward moment of the week:
I was using the bathroom, and my four year old begins to ask me questions about the difference in the way boys and girls go number one. You know how I get with "those" types of questions. We have had conversations before about the difference in private parts, but he was asking about specifics. I will leave it at this . . . I had to end the conversation by telling him to never show anyone his private parts except his immediate family, and if he had anymore questions to ask his father. Ahem.

And I am deeply sorry, but there will be no pictures of this momentous conversation. First of all, I couldn't get to my camera in that state, and secondly, I think your imagination will do the trick on this one.

3. Favorite (or least favorite) poltergeist evidence of the week:
Now, let me start by saying I. DO. NOT. BELIVE. IN. GHOSTS. Yes, read it again because it is in all caps. I just couldn't think of another way to describe what happened to us this week. Two days in a row, our heat (yes, HEAT) came on for ten minutes in the middle of the day. We have no idea why, and it hasn't happened since. It would be blowing hot air until the thermostat read 82 degrees, and then it would kick back to cold. Weird? I think yes.

Awkward favorites can be fun, too. You see:)

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