Wednesday, August 24, 2011

To My Determined One

Happy Birthday to Ethan, Happy Birthday to you!

Ethan, you are a true joy. Your personality is no sort of sensitive, and we laugh at your toughness. You hardly ever cry. You usually just scream or yell to get our attention and tell us what you want. You are so cuddly after you sleep, and we savor each moment when you lay your sweet head on our shoulder because it doesn’t happen very often. We know your baby days are becoming a thing of the past, and although it makes us sad that you are growing up so quickly, we are so excited to see all the things God has in store just for you. No one could ever be exactly like you, little boy. You are our one and only Ethan. You are our precious gift. Always remember to put your trust in Jesus and allow him to guide you. Your father and I will always be cheering you on in all your pursuits.
I love you, my determined one,