Thursday, August 11, 2011

How does your garden grow?

Well, this is week 3 of my "inspiration workshop" posts. Excited to be linking up with all the lovelies from "Gussy Sews."

She threw a wrench in my plans with the prompt of "garden" this week.

I am not a gardener. I have never been a gardener. I probably will never be a gardener. I had grand plans at one time in my life to plant some fruits and veggies out in the backyard, but obviously that never happened. This prompt was difficult for me because I don't have much experience to back me up.

I did find this cute picture on Pinterest . . . and it did give me some inspiration!

The text on the watering can says, "One of the most delightful things about a garden is the anticipation it provides."

Isn't that quote true about so many things in life? Anticipation is most of the fun. You plan, and plan, and plan, and plan some more for things that only take a few days or a few hours to complete. Things like vacations, weddings, parties, birthing your baby, and of course, gardening. You plant because you have faith something wonderful will sprout from that tiny seed.

While I thought through this prompt, the best parallel I could make in my life was my children. They are my garden, in a sense. I water them and feed them and watch them grow. I want to nurture them, so they can produce as much fruit as possible. I want others to ooh and aah over how incredible they are. I love gaining as much from them as they do from me. I love watching their beautiful colors come out. I love the ways they play and sway in the breeze. I love the anticipation of things to come in their lives.

How does your garden grow?


  1. I'm not a gardener either-- glad I am not the only one who felt intimidated by the prompt :) Stopping by from Gussy Sews-- great blog!

  2. Thanks, Heather. I am new at this, so it is nice to hear some encouraging words:)