Monday, October 17, 2011

Menu & I got a new iphone

So, hello again all you faithful readers:)
First things first . . . I. got. an. iphone.
I know I am the last one in the world to get one, but it is still super exciting, especially when you see my last phone.
George is in North Carolina with my parents this week for their yearly tradition of pumpkin patches and train rides.
Ethan is an only child for the week, so our meal planning will be simple.  My favorite kind of menu.

Breakfast - eggs and chocolate milk
Lunch - leftover pasta
Dinner - out @ Tony's Pizza (we have a Groupon we need to use)

Breakfast - Pancakes and sausage
Lunch - bagel bites
Dinner - Poppyseed Chicken over rice (recipe at the end of post)

Breakfast - Waffles and Milk
Lunch - Chik-fil-A
Dinner - @ church

Breakfast - Eggs and Bacon
Lunch - Grilled Cheese and tomato soup
Dinner - Pork Chops, Rice, Broccoli

Breakfast - Bagels
Lunch - Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches, grapes
Dinner - Roast Beef and Cheese Hot Hoagies with tater tots

Breakfast - Cinnamon rolls and milk
Lunch - @ pumpkin festival
Dinner - on the way home from pumpkin festival

Breakfast - Pancakes, Hashbrowns, chocolate milk
Lunch - out after church
Dinner - Spaghetti with Bettelli famous sauce

*This recipe is definitely not low-fat, but the yummy taste makes up for that.  It is a great meal to take to a grieving family or to someone who just had a baby.
Poppy seed chicken

2 or 3 chicken breasts, cooked and cut in small pieces
1 16 oz sour cream
2 cans cream of chicken
2 tbls of poppyseeds (I don't measure - I just shake a ton in)
Ritz crackers
1 stick of butter

Mix the first 4 ingredients and put in a baking dish. Cover with crushed up ritz crackers. Melt a stick of butter and pour on top. Bake for 20-30 minutes at 350.

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