Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Good Read

Want a good read this week?
What Women Fear is a really good one.

I know I do a weekly book club post on the blog, but I will probably be using mostly fiction for that.  This book is not fiction.  It is written by a woman named Angie Smith, and wouldn't you know it . . . it is about the things women fear.
I heard her speak at a "Women of Faith" conference a few weeks ago.
She was excellent and super down to earth, which was my favorite thing about her.
I won't go into her story on here, but you can catch up on her blog, Bring the Rain.
She is a mommy and a writer and a speaker and a blogger, but she still seems totally relatable to me.
I have only gotten through 2 chapters so far, but the subjects were "the fear of 'what-if'" and "the fear of betrayal."  Um, yes please.  And thank you very much.
I also would encourage you to watch the book club discussion on this website.  Angie and some of her friends chat about the chapter.  She picks people who can really relate to the specific fear being talked about, so it brings a whole new dimension to the book.
I will probably be writing about it more in the future as I digest all the rich material and see myself on the pages.  It is scary yet eye-opening at the same time.
Just read the book and tell me what you think.  The End.

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