Thursday, October 27, 2011

Neked Baby

So . . . here is a snapshot into my life.
One day this week I put my youngest son down for nap.
That is pretty standard procedure around here at about 2 o'clock everyday.
I put him down and heard him talking to himself.
I didn't think much of it because he sometimes sings himself to sleep, but on this particular day his talking did not stop for two whole hours.
You may wonder why I left him in there for two whole hours if he never went to sleep.
Don't judge . . . ok?  I had a lot to get done in that small window of opportunity, and he wasn't crying so whatever.
Anyways, back to the story.
I walked in his room to get him up, and he was completely stark naked.
Mind you, when I put him in there he had on jeans, a long sleeve shirt, and a diaper.
He just turned fourteen months old, and he can completely undress himself.
Is that normal?
I did check the bed for wetness or brownness and neither had occured.
If it had, this post would be in a much angrier tone.
Now, here is a picture of the little guy.
No, it is not a naked picture, obviously.  I will not subject my children to indecent exposure (maybe one or two in their underwear every now and again, but no pics of the private parts, people).
Here is a picture of what should have been going down in that crib on this day.
Sweet slumber . . .
Sometimes, anyway.

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