Sunday, October 2, 2011

Salting Roses - Week 3 (Chapters 4, 5, & 6)

 We are now on week three of the "virtual book club."  Hope those of you who are reading are enjoying our weekly discussions.  I know I am (even though Laurie and I are the only ones actually writing).

My overall assessment of these three chapters is . . . light and cute, but draggin a bit.

1.  As stated above, I felt like these chapters were dragging a bit.  I hope it picks up pace.
2.  The description of characters seems lacking to me.  I have to fill in a lot of blanks while reading.  I like to have a few "fill in the blanks," but it is excessive in this book.
3.  Kate Hammond is so typical it is almost sickening.  The fact that she doesn't like her butler is too classic rich lady.  Been there, done that.  Or rather . . . seen there, read that.
4.  Sam Fontana has so much more to his story, and I wish they would just come out with it.  What was his relationship to Conrad?  Why is he so interested in this?  What is the deal with him and Kate? 
5.  I have to be honest and admit that I am torn between feeling annoyed and comforted by the fact that this rich family is about to be side-swiped by this poor, sweet Grace and all her simplicities.  It is exactly what they need, but so typical to a novel or a movie.  Here's to hoping there is a twist.

1.  I really like Sam Fontana.  He seems like my kind of guy.  Doesn't put up with much and laughs at other's drama.  His interaction with Kate Hammond is classic. 
2.  The storyline of Conrad's two wives interests me.  I wouldn't say it was quite "there" yet, but it has definitely peaked my interest.
3.  I really enjoy the relationship that Gracie has with her aunt and two uncles.  I want to know how she is going to continue in those relationships once she acquires so much money (that is if she takes it).
4.  I am interested in this house that Conrad bought in Shady Grove.  What is the story there?  Will Grace and her man, Sam, end up living there and making babies of their own?  One can hope.
5.  Grace's similarities to Kate.  I like that they are including details about the two women who have never met each other.  I look forward to their meeting and recognizing all that Sam has already recognized.  There is something really cool about family.  No matter what, it can't be taken away.

What are your thoughts this week?  I would love to hear your opinions.

Next week we will talk about chapters 7, 8 & 9.  Is three chapters too many?  Anyone?  Anyone? 

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  1. So, do we know how old Sam is? I am assuming there is going to be some sort of relationship between Gracie and Sam, but I first thought he was the same age as Conrad Hammond. Dating someone your father's age is almost as uncomfortable as not living with your wife. But now, it sounds like he's much younger due to the references of being Conrad's "son he never had." Did I miss somewhere in the earlier chapters where they mentioned age? (Maybe this question supports your con regarding lack of character development.)

    As I was reading chapter 6, I got so excited around the prelude of what was in the special room. I forced myself not to skip the paragraph and read what was inside before finishing the lead-up. (I am often so bad about doing that. Patience is not my best virtue.) Anyway, while sort of a waste on me, I think the baseball room is considerate. This led me to wonder... what would be in my special room. The first thing that came to mind... the Crown Jewels. What can I say, diamonds are a girl's best friend. :o)

    I am enjoying the book so far, but I want more time with Harriet and her crazy dog!

    Oh, and I think three chapters is the perfect number. Thanks for posting, Lou - love you!

  2. Laurie, You are so faithful to our "club," and I love it. Your opinions are spot on. I totally agree with the Sam's age question. I definitely would agree that his character development is lacking. I do think his father was actually friends with Conrad, so he would be more in Gracie's age range, but that information is assimilated through short comments not in depth description.

    Great question about the secret room . . . Maybe you should be writing this blog:) I would put pictures in mine. I just can't get enough, and I would love to have an organized place where I could hang as many as I wanted on the wall.

    Love you too, Laurie. Thanks for your insights!