Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Peter (my little bro) turned 24 on Sunday. 
Side note:  He has the same birthday as Tim's brother, and my sister in law has the same birthday as Tim's sister.  Weird?  I think yes.  But cool too!
Anyways, back to the "very important person." 
Peter is my youngest sibling, and at some points in my life I was very jealous of that fact.  It seemed like he always got his way because my parents were just too tired after putting up with my sister and I.  I am sure it also had something to do with the fact that he was so darn cute.  Too cute for his own good, if you ask me.
Our relationship has definitely changed over the years.  He is almost six years younger than me, so growing up I always felt like his protector or babysitter.  We went through very different stages at very different times in our lives.  I always let him hang with me and my friends, but he was still the younger brother.
I feel like as we have grown we have become more "friends" than anything else.  I feel like our lives have become more parallel.  We are both married, and we encounter some of the same things on a day to day basis.
I don't get to see him as much as I would like because he lives in Tallahassee at the moment.  I do look forward to the days when we live in the same place, and all our kids can play together. 
Peter (not even sure if he will read this),
You are such a wonderful brother.  It is so funny to me that we have so much in common being so far apart and different genders.  I love when people tell me I am so much like you.  I can't think of anyone better.
You hold such a special place in my heart, and I love that you and Gina are the only two people who will know me my whole life.  Mom and dad will only know the first half, and Tim will only know the second.  You get to see it all, you lucky thing.
I love that we have become such close friends.  I don't know many brothers and sisters who talk on the phone as much as we do.  It is so fun to have conversations about our everyday life.  You are a great confidant and advice-giver. 
I trust you with so much, and I am so thankful God gave you to our family 24 years ago.
I love you,

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