Sunday, October 9, 2011

Salting Roses - Week 4 (Chapters 7, 8 & 9)

So . . . we are almost half way through our book, Salting Roses.

I have decided to give up on this book getting "deep."  It is just a predictable, light read to take your mind somewhere simple.  I enjoy just using it as a distraction.  It really doesn't get me thinking or anything, but it is fun all the same.

Cons from these three chapters:
1.  Still struggling with the character and story development.  It just confuses me or makes me wonder what I missed on a regular basis.
2.  I enjoy the back and forth between Gracie and Sam, but I also with they would just get on with it and kiss or something.  I am frustrated with their lack of honesty about the way they feel.  I guess this is more realistic than I thought:)
3.  I totally want to know what is up with Artie?  What is going on with his health?  The love story mystery is understandable, the sickness mystery has gone on too long.  I need to know.  Now.
4.  I feel like the description of Gracie in the beginning of the book was as if she was not so attractive.  The way Sam Fontana describes her is a different story.  Is this a lesson of "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder?" or what?

1.  Love, love, love the twist that Conrad put in his letter to Gracie.  She can give all her money to Sam in six months if she doesn't want it.  What a sly way for a dad to match-make for his daughter.  Brilliant, Conrad, brilliant.
2.  Kate Hammond still intrigues me.  I liked seeing a more human side of her when Sam gives her the news about Conrad's letter.  She is disheveled and sad about losing her son.  This is a little character development that is contrary to the norm of this novel.
3.  Hardly any Alice in these chapters - enough said.
4.  I know it is because I am a mom, but I love the connections between Kate and Conrad and then Conrad and Gracie.  I really want to know how she got kidnapped and what the story was there.  It is sweet that Conrad did so much for her behind the scenes, but felt like she was so happy where she was that he didn't want to disrupt her life.  It reminds me of people who know their babies will have a better life if they give them up for adoption.  It is so hard to give up your baby, but real love has to make tough decisions and always picks what is best for the other person.  Sweet lesson. 
5.  I really enjoyed Artie's conversation with Sam at the ball game.  He totally knows about Sam what Sam doesn't even know about himself.  It is really cute the way he watches out for Gracie.  I enjoy watching their relationship in action.

What were your thoughts this week?  Next week we will chat about chapters 10, 11 & 12.  Happy reading!


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