Sunday, October 23, 2011

Salting Roses - Chapters 10-12

Here we are at halfway through this scintillating novel, Salting Roses.

Let me be completely honest . . . This book is DRAGGING.  I love to read.  It is one of my most favorite things to do, but I am not loving this book.

Here is my pros and cons list for the week:
1.  These chapters drug on more than usual for me.
2.  The whole "Gracie punches the reporter and lands herself in jail.  Then Sam bails her out" thing is just ridiculous and totally predictable.  I couldn't even laugh at it because I couldn't get over how totally cliche the entire scene was.
3.  No real conversations or discussions about Katherine.  She is becoming one of my favorites in this under-developed character list.
4.  I hated the part in chapter 10 when Gracie overhears Alice and her friends talking about her.  The author should have totally had Alice stick up for her.  It doesn't even make sense from what we know about Alice.  I thought it was totally out of character for her to sit back and take it. 
5.  Lack of development in the relationship between Gracie and Sam.  I mean how long can two adults go on like this?  Really?

1.  It is difficult to come up with even one.
2.  We are getting closer to the end:)
3.  At least both Sam and Gracie "thought" about kissing each other.  That is a step in the right direction, I guess.
4.  I did enjoy the discussion Gracie had with her uncle that she refrences from when she was little about the "smell" of money.  It is all just stinky paper.  It doesn't make a person better than someone else.  Those are some good words right there.
5.  The fact that Gracie can cook breakfast.  That is definitely a redeeming quality.

So, anyone out there have any thoughts of their own?  I would love to hear them.

By the way, the next book for the old "Virtual Book Club" is When Crickets Cry.  I have heard really good things about it.  And let's face it, almost anything will seem good after this embarrassment.  Make sure you get it before we start:)


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  1. I'm back! Sorry I missed a few weeks ago. I am going to skip commenting on chapters 7-9 because I cannot remember what specifically happened within those.

    I have to agree, Lou - the book is dragging just a little. I have recently jumped aboard the "Mad Men" craze, and seriously an attractive male and female just make eye-contact across a restaurant and they are full-fledged making out in the next scene. Not Gracie and Sam. This relationship is moving slower than molasses. I just hope the author does not drag it out until the last chapter. I cannot wait that long!

    I agree with you regarding Katherine Hammond. I feel like the characters I like the most are the ones I know the least about. (I mean, are we ever going to see Harriett again in this book?) Since the character development is so simple, the only intriguing people are the ones we never see.

    Despite all the negative, I am enjoying the light-hearted read and the online book club. So fun! I'm in the middle of four books, and the others are about women in business, fulfilling your calling, and successful leadership. Honestly, it's sort of nice to just pick up a book and not have to think so much!

    See ya next week. :o)