Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pumpkin Festival

On Saturday our family went to a little something we like to call "The Pumpkin Festival."
Apparently, a lot of other people like to go there too because it. was. packed.
We brought our friends, the Hillmans, with us this year.
Here are a few pictures to commemorate the occasion.

That last one is of the extra classy, tire-esque train ride they had at this festival.  I know you are jealous you couldn't ride it.

After the festival we did what any smart human being would do and went to Wal-mart to buy some pumpkins. 

You see . . . at said "pumpkin festival" the pumpkins are anywhere from 10 to 30 dollars, but at good old Wally World the largest of the large are $3.88.

Then we came home and painted our pumpkins because mama enjoys cleaning up paint a whole lot more than cleaning up pumpkin guts. 

And these bad boys won't rot by Halloween.  So you see . . . win-win around here.


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