Friday, October 28, 2011

1st ever Insta-Friday

Here is a new link-up for Fridays.
life rearranged
I have been waiting to link-up with these fun ladies FOR. EV. ER.
I finally got my iphone, so here I am.  Insta-Friday . . . Baby!!
This is your look into my week via phone pics.  It doesn't get much better than that.

My cute boys during one of many snack times.  George cannot put one morsel of food in his mouth without Ethan wanting in.  Good thing George is such an excellent sharer.  We could have a daily brawl on our hands if not.

As I said in a previous post, we got these bad boys from Wal-mart and painted them.  One for each member of our clan.  Fun times were had by all, except for maybe Ethan.  I sorta had to force his hand a little.

George has an annual pumpkin walk at his preschool.  Such a cute time, and Ethan got to attend with us for the first time this year.  In this picture he is pushing George out of the way, so he can get to the pumpkins.

Same day . . . The preschool director reads pumkin stories on a dock by the school.  George was so excited to show off his brother to his friends.  I hope that never changes:)

We ate pizza for dinner at church on Wednesday night.  Ethan loved it . . . although he looks less than thrilled in this picture.  Doesn't he have the best lips???

That about sums up our week.  Hope you have a great weekend.



  1. Yes, Lou, it is by grace alone!! LOVE that!!!

    Fun pics!! and have fun with your phone.....its addicting!!!

  2. Yay, isn't the iphone so fun?! your boys are precious!!