Sunday, October 30, 2011

Salting Roses - Chapters 13-15

Sorry this is getting up so late . . . we had a very busy weekend.  We are on chapters 13-15 of Salting Roses this week.

I have been a little bit of "debbie-downer" on this book, so I wanted to start off by saying these chapters are heading in the right direction.
I actually really enjoyed myself while reading and wasn't thinking about all the other books I could be reading at the time . . . which has been the case most other weeks.
The list, the list, the list.

1.  I will repeat myself by saying . . . I actually enjoyed the chapters.  That is the biggest "pro" of all.

2.  In chapter 13 they actually give a little background to the title of the book.  Love when things tie together like that.  The author should have taken her own cue and done that for the rest of the novel.

3.  It wasn't exactly as if I "liked" this, but I did think it was quite humorous.  The mention of a "you-make-me-hot-kiss."  No, she didn't just call it a passionate kiss or a romantic kiss or any sort of normal adjective you would use for a kiss . . . it was a "YOU-MAKE-ME-HOT-KISS."  Laugh with me, will you?

4.  I thoroughly enjoyed the discussion Sam and Grace had about Conrad after she saw the baseball room he had kept for her.  I was totally stuck in my empathy for both Grace and Conrad.  She is angry he never came out of his shell to spend time with her once he knew she was alive.  That is difficult to swallow.  But at the same time, I can so understand his watching from afar.  He was so wounded when she was taken the first time.  He probably thought it wouldn't hurt as bad if he kept some distance.  Don't we all do that in some way?  The fear or rejection just keeps us at arm's length sometimes. 

5.  Another funny . . . and I quote, "Which part of her body had had the honor."  Man, sexual inuendos all over the place in this Southern charm of a novel.  Sam just can't get his mind out of the gutter.  And all he is refering to is her perfume.

(I know I usually only have five "pros" but like I said, these chapters were better than usual.  I need to give them proper respect.)
6.  I really enjoyed the snipet of Lillian and Conrad's marriage via Katherine at the end of chapter 14.  I hope to indulge in that storyline a little more.

7.  Finally, A KISS.  Need I say more?

1.  Um . . . the sexual innuendos went a bit far for my taste in these chapters.  Let me remind you . . .
"Her nipples strained against her bra" (pg. 157).
The moist curve of his shoulder made her have a "warm rush of heat seep over her skin" (pg. 155).
This is just inappropriate language in my humbe opinion.

2.  They used the cliche of "home base" when talking about sex.  Come on . . . how old are we?

3.  Alice marrying the reverend is just plain weird and out of nowhere.  The comment about him having "needs" was taking it too far.

4.  The fact that Gracie walked in on Sam in the shower was just out of character for this novel.  What happened to the Southern code of conduct.  It was like the entire tone changed.   

So . . . all in all I am glad the pace is picking up and things are actually happening.  I will not dread reading chapters 16 through 18, which is a step in the right direction.

Let me know your thoughts. 


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  1. Okay, sorry to be tardy on my response. I did read the chapters over the weekend, and honestly... I put off posting, because I do not have much to add to your pro/con list. You are so good at this, Lou!

    I am excited that the book is getting a little more involved and mysterious. I am starting to change my mind about Katherine, maybe she is not as noble as I originally thought. Oh, and I knew there was something peculiar about the Reverend. Sort of scandalous, if you ask me!

    Looking forward to the next three chapters, but not nearly as much as I am looking forward to two Saturdays from tomorrow!

    Mucho amor desde Buenos Aires! (I googled translated that because my espanol is just pathetic.)